A/Swarnapali Balika National school

A/Swarnapali Balika National school was Started in the year 1876 as a Holy Family convent. currently it has been studying students about more than 4000. there are 175 teacher’s staff. Our school conducted classes up to grade 1 to 13 with all streams such as Science , Arts , and commerce and Agriculture. it also conducted English medium classes start up to grade 6 to 11. it has been launched a computer lab with a small class room in the year 2000 with 10 p iii computers under Gep2 project. the most of students willing to learn IT.

We got a new PC ‘s from Ministry of education-on 2010 that’s great achievement of the school




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isaWe received ISA award on 11th Saturday 2015

8 Responses to “A/Swarnapali Balika National school”

  1. REKHA M.M Says:

    We the students of Nava Nirman School, Kerala, India, is doing a project for ISA Accreditation, ‘Waste Management’, for the past 10 months. So far,we have done many interesting and useful activities. We are supposed to collaborate with a Srilankan School. So we humbly request all the students of Swarnapali Balika National school, to see our page by clicking https://navabest.blogspot.in/ and encourage our students by typing comments on the same.
    Thank you,

    Nava Nirman Public School, Kochi, Kerala, India.

  2. Wg Cdr George H Jones Says:

    Good Show. Keep it up!

  3. sdfsdf Says:


  4. niwaththakachethiya hacking srilanka Says:

    your school website password is not protect and strong

  5. Upul Nishantha Says:


  6. tharushindewangi Says:

    Yeh proud to be a swarnapalian

  7. Rasika wijewardhana Says:

    Shame; Black mark to school history
    I sit in the middle of your school hall on 29th of November 2016 watching the school concert. Firstly I must tell that I was very happy to see the talent of your school girls who perform wonderfully on stage. But it is very sad to say that the behavior of the school girls in the balcony was very unsatisfactory .Non of the parent would appreciate that the way they behave. It’s like a Indian film hall (remember Indian film crowd mostly uneducated).it was expectable that if it was a netball mach or some other sport meet.
    But even more I was surprise that the principal and the teachers do nothing to stop or control the girls.(except vice principal mention it in his speech)(Sinhala announcer also a teacher and she did nothing) It’s like they were accepting the behavior of the children. Swarnapali was famous for its discipline over the years. but this incidence will be surely a black mark in the school history. I hope that the principal and the staff get together and make a positive thing to prevent such incidence in future.
    Rasika wijewardhana
    son of previous music teacher(70’s);brother of an old girl; father of present student and also wellwisher

  8. Upul Abesingha Says:

    thank you for your comment.. We will find out it and take steps for never happen this kind of things again….

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