About Our IT Lab

Our IT lab


We Received New Computers Under Ministry of Education on December 2009. it included  42 Dell machines , Two printers and scanner form  the PC house  . we also got Schoolnet facility too. all machines connect networks through windows vista work group. we used windows vista and ubuntu operating systems for all machines.

Centre Manager: Mr upul Abesingha




skype in the classroom















ICT subject Development Action Plan for 5 years
Swarnapali Balika National school Sri Lanka-2014

Overall Aim

Facilitates OL / AL students to get through ICT subject with good Results

To develop children into e-safe, e-inspired and e-confident users .

Use and get help from ICT to learn easily for other subjects

To develop Teachers in the school as 21st Century facilitators of their child’s learning

Suit for the students in 21 Century ICT Technology

Short term aims:

To improve teaching, and pupils’ learning in Information and
Communication Technology across all subjects.

To enable all staff and pupils to use confidently and effectively use of Schoolnet

To up skill teachers in the use of ICT to improve and enhance their knowledge

To improve teachers’ and pupils’ access to research materials via
The use of the Internet within classrooms.

Students enable to participate on line projects and forums with international schools as


Properly teach and practiced ICT subject Grade 10 and 11 according to OL curriculum
Properly teach and practiced ICT subject Grade 12 and 13 according to AL curriculum
Gives opportunities for ICT teachers update their knowledge regularly to participate ICT seminars and
workshops conducted by Department of education or any other private sector.
Conduct seminars for the students about OL and AL ICT subject matter every year
Enable to students surf and get facts using school net
Introduced ICT subject basics for Grade 6 to grade 9 students
Prepare students for ICT completions in local or foreign every year

Form a hardware team and let them to teach maintain our IT Lab.



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